Do you and your team make high-risk decisions under time pressure?

The human factor, not merely materials and processes, is the determining aspect in limiting or preventing damage and loss in companies that operate in a dynamic
environment. Human Factor Performance trains and coaches you and your team to optimise communication processes, resulting in vitally important safety and effectiveness.

Human Factor Performance Assessments, Consultancy and Training courses consist of 22 factors that form the core of the 9 main elements in the HFP approach. The base of the HFP program is Crew Resource Management (CRM) / Team Resource Management (TRM).










  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Department
  • Military
  • Diving
  • Chemistry
  • Financial – Business
  • Industry
  • Aviation
  • Offshore
  • Department of Waterways and Public Works
  • Police
  • Maritime Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Road Transport
  • Hospital and Health Care