Human Factor Performance - Consultancy for the organisation, the team and for you.

Improve individual and team performance, by increasing knowledge and awareness about the human factors. Guided by an experienced consultant, you’ll learn how to put the Human Factors into practice and experience how Human Factors as a whole, and specifically your own attitude and behaviour, will contribute to your safety and effectiveness.

Interested in getting started with Human Factors? You can! We offer guidance for managers and professionals to increase knowledge, awareness and skills regarding human factors. This way you can allow the human factors to have their positive effect on your team and increase synergy.

Human Factor Performance for:

- Individual support  / coaching

- Teamsupport  / coaching

- Teamdevelopment / coaching

- Conflict resolution and Mediation


Read more about the basics of our consultancy, the HFP method: a deepening of the Crew Resource Management (CRM).