Teaching & Learning - Train the Trainer




Aim of the training:


Provide comprehensive training for those intending to become professional trainers, instructors and future examiners based on established teaching methods.


To enable them to develop the necessary instructional techniques and skills whilst emphasizing awareness of attitudes to the importance of effective and safe operations.


Training content:


In a 3 - 4 day course the candidates receive adequate training to become professional trainers or instructors.

Emphasising the importance of Human Factors with regard to behavioural attitudes and learning abilities.

Study and comprehend the learning and teaching processes, Human Factors, Training philosophies and techniques, student evaluation and administration.


After the training you will be able to:

  • Create a lesson plan,
  • Prepare a structured briefing,
  • Provide candidates with adequate instruction,
  • Give constructive feedback,
  • Adapt your teaching to the learning needs of the candidates,
  • Understand the importance of proper feedback,
  • Understand the importance of respecting Human Factors in the operation,
  • Understand your responsibility.


Couse content is in accordance with EASA Part FCL Subpart J