Use of the power of cooperation within your organisation.

To increase safety and effectiveness within your organisation, Human Factor Performance offers you clear and practical training courses tailored to your identity and organisation. The training courses consist of the 22 factors of the HFP method.

The basis of all trainings is interaction, discussion and self-reflection. Sometimes critical and confrontational, but always respectful and constructive. All of this accessible and in a relaxed atmosphere and tailored to your identity and organisation.

After the training course(s), we can coach you or your team to get started with Human Factors.

The HFP Training courses:

Training courses 1 to 4 focus on the individual and the basis, 5 to 9 focus on the team and the whole. The training courses can be given separately or in combination. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, we can set up a training program that fits you and your team.

Of course, all 22 factors can be trained separately. Realisation of the coherence with the other factors and elements is, however, a must. If you opt for a separate training, it’s important to receive an additional training for awareness creation and experiencing this coherence.

Contact us for personal advice or more information about one of our training courses.